corporate investigations

Corporate investigations in Cameroon have no substitute since these are the unrivalled best part and intelligent work of our proud professionals who have the depth...

insurance investigations

Excessive expansion of insurance activities has induced the probabilities of some of illegal ways of acquiring the claims by staging an incident or accident or providing...

background verifications

The background verification has been playing the major role in variety of corporate and business activities where these organization or individuals use the Cameroon...

Our Services

It covers all the 10 Regions of Cameroon and provides the following Key services:

  • Inbound and out bound debt collection
  • Corporate verifications
  • Skip-tracing/Asset Location
  • Insurance Fraud verifications
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Intellectual Property Verifications
  • Background Searches
  • Insurance Fraud Verification
  • Credit Reports
private investigators in cameroon

Private Investigators in Cameroon

Welcome to Cameroon Private Investigators - Facts and Factors Cameroon (FAFCAM), established since 2009 and officially registered in the Personal Trade and Property Register of Cameroon on July 2011 to handle debt collection and investigations assignments for foreign companies and partners within the territory of Cameroon. The specialization in debt collection is the limited area to serve to our client but in the present scenario, Cameroon Private Investigators are providing wide range of private investigations in Cameroon which are pertaining to corporate investigations, IP investigations, Insurance fraud investigations, Skip tracing services and process services in all over the Cameroon.

We as being private investigators in Cameroon, providing our private investigation services in Cameroon including all 10 regions of Cameroon including Adamawa, Centre, East, Far North, Littrol, North, Northwest, South, Southwest, West which are feasible for us to provide our private investigation services in Cameroon.

Our services are recommended as the safeguard for your protection and we provide our services and we accept all the assignments under the strict confidentiality following with the all private investigation in Cameroon ethics. For further information and any kind of discussion pertaining to your needs, please contact us on, we will revert you within stipulated time.