Our Services

It covers all the 10 Regions of Cameroon and provides the following Key services:

  • Inbound and out bound debt collection
  • Corporate verifications
  • Skip-tracing/Asset Location
  • Insurance Fraud verifications
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Intellectual Property Verifications
  • Background Searches
  • Insurance Fraud Verification
  • Credit Reports
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Insurance Investigation Services in Cameroon

When we are reviewing the progress and expansion insurance which are quite contented to note that the insurance sector have developed in the big way that it has introduced in the personal or professional life of every individual in such a way that is has become the prime necessity and sincere need of people in Cameroon.

Same time, excessive expansion of insurance activities has induced the probabilities of some of illegal ways of acquiring the claims by staging an incident or accident or providing the false statements to get the recoveries of claims. It has given the reason to the Cameroon Insurance investigators to develop and bring out effective procedures in Insurance investigations in Cameroon for both the insurance companies and the clients to continue the fair insurance activities.

In this process our corporate investigators in Cameroon are taking the lead by providing the reliable results by highlighting the all fakes and forged claims which have become the bigger issue for the insurance companies. The consistency and reliability of our partners who provide the superior insurance investigations in Yaounde are highly rewarded.

The well designed insurance investigations services offered by our investigators are listed below:

  • Theft Claim Investigations
  • Recovery of the stolen vehicle
  • Medi-Claims investigation
  • Life Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Insurance surveillance services in Cameroon
  • Insurance Fraud investigation
  • Property Claim Investigations
  • Insurance Support Services
  • Tracing witness and obtaining statements in Cameroon
  • Accident Claims Investigations
  • Third Party Claims investigations
  • Travel Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Claim investigations in Cameroon

Our responsible and sincere investigators have the depth of knowledge and great analysis skills to detect and confirm the use of forged material in the recovery of the insurance claims. Our investigation are based on the technicalities which are formed with supreme use of surveillances, site review and evidence and credit information for the use of attorney to project the strong case in courts for enforcements. To render the highly acclaimed Cameroon Insurance investigation services, kindly contact us on info@cameroonprivateinvestigators.com.