Our Services

It covers all the 10 Regions of Cameroon and provides the following Key services:

  • Inbound and out bound debt collection
  • Corporate verifications
  • Skip-tracing/Asset Location
  • Insurance Fraud verifications
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Intellectual Property Verifications
  • Background Searches
  • Insurance Fraud Verification
  • Credit Reports
private investigators in cameroon

IP Investigation Services in Cameroon

Intellectual properties have become the very vital and sensitive issues which have been continuously projecting the fears and threats in different forms to the owner of the intellectual properties. These fears are recognized in terms of higher rise of counterfeits and infringed products and services, copyright issues, illegal trademarks, duplicate designs and leakage of trade secrets. The higher rises of such issues have been the main cause of IP investigations in Cameroon.

The Cameroon Intellectual property investigators are having the prime role to monitor all the activities taking place in the reputed market of this country and to use their intelligence and skills to identify the counterfeits or infringements. The IP investigators in Cameroon have the major function to survey the various markets, analyze the market trends and market activities to work in the organized manner to detect the major sources of counterfeits.

At the same time our IP investigation in Yaounde are also having the excellent potentials to tackle the majority of cases where IP rights are highly violated in different ways. Our excellent IP investigation services in Cameroon are mentioned below:

  • Service of Cease & Desist Notices
  • IPR Sample/Test Purchases
  • Geographical Indication Investigations
  • Law Enforcements Services
  • Trade Mark Purchases
  • Market Surveys
  • Domain Name Purchases
  • Market Monitoring Services
  • Internet survey and monitoring services
  • Vendor Information
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • IPR Investigations
  • Customs Protection
  • Patent Infringement Investigations
  • Co-ordination /Awareness/training campaigns
  • Brand Integrity Audit Services
  • Counterfeiting / Infringement Investigations
  • IPR Litigations Support Investigations
  • Gray Market investigations
  • Company Name Purchases
  • Trade Fair Monitoring
  • Trademark, Copyright, Design
  • Factory Auditing Services
  • Parallel Trade Investigations
  • Conduct and organize criminal/civil seizures
  • IPR Attorney Services

Our investigators have the brilliant skills to recognize the infringe products and utilize the intelligence in monitoring and deterring the commercialization of such products for the safety of brand reputations of all intellectual properties. For rendering the advanced IP investigations, kindly contact us on info@cameroonprivateinvestigators.com.