Our Services

It covers all the 10 Regions of Cameroon and provides the following Key services:

  • Inbound and out bound debt collection
  • Corporate verifications
  • Skip-tracing/Asset Location
  • Insurance Fraud verifications
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Intellectual Property Verifications
  • Background Searches
  • Insurance Fraud Verification
  • Credit Reports
private investigators in cameroon

Background Verification Services in Cameroon

The background verification has been playing the major role in variety of corporate and business activities where these organization or individuals use the Cameroon verification services to identify the fakeness in the statements, records, certificates and other document which become the direct threat the reputation and mechanism.

In this process, our background screeners in Cameroon never leave any point in continuing the background screening in Cameroon for variety of people and companies to check the credential and testimonials' to validate the document to confirm the reality. Majority of corporate are now showing their faith in the background checks in Cameroon to use them as the full time process to have the effective confirmations of the records and facts. Besides, our background verifications in Yaounde are also proved as the remarkable ways to verify the statements and records of the people or the companies.

Our professional and consistent verification services in Cameroon are listed as:

  • Verification of signature
  • International Assets verification
  • Verification of Name and Physical Address
  • Verifications of International Mobile/Land line phone Numbers
  • Verification of bank accounts
  • Verifications of green card /visa
  • Verifications of International citizenship
  • International Bankruptcy verification
  • Vehicle registration Verification
  • Verifications of ownership
  • Verification of individual Identity
  • Verification of other supported documents
  • International civil litigation searches
  • Verification of liabilities
  • Pre- Post Employment verification
  • Verification of registered documents
  • Verification of Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Verifications of professionals Certificates
  • Pre and post marriage Verifications
  • Work experience verification
  • Import Export Code (IEC) and Value Added Tax (VAD) verification
  • International Property ownership verification
  • Felony and Misdemeanor verification
  • Verification of social security number
  • Nationality verification in Cameroon
  • International Directorship Search
  • Verifications of Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Education certificates Verification
  • Verification of International Criminal History Check
  • Verifications of International medical license
  • Income tax return verification
  • Verification of affidavit
  • All license Verification

Now, the people have recognized the potential of our investigators who are performing excellently by offering the verification services to the best use of the people to safeguard the corporate operations being corrupted due to fake and false information and documents. For obtaining the verification services of our investigators, kindly contact us on info@cameroonprivateinvestigators.com.